Coronavirus Tidbits # 27 4-2 to 4-3-20

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CDC now advises people to wear a mask in public to help slow spread of Coronavirus from asymptomatic people.

Setting a bad example yet again, and asked why he won’t wear a covering, Trump said: “I just don’t want to wear one myself...I’m feeling good…I just don’t want to…somehow sitting in the Oval Office…the great Resolute Desk…I think wearing a face mask as I greet presidents…dictators…I dunno, I don’t see it.”

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Americans are underestimating how long coronavirus disruptions will last, health experts say via @statnews

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Capt. Brett Crozier, commander of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, was relieved of his duty for trying to protect his staff by warning of risk of Coronavirus on the ship.

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Why was Dr. Fauci excluded from a Press Briefing again???

And Law Prof Carrie Cordero asks re Jared, “Why is it remotely acceptable to the country that the president’s unaccountable son-in-law address the nation and serve in a decision-making role in a generational crisis of historic magnitude for which he has no requisite qualifications, preparation or experience?”


DIY coronavirus testing kit mfg targeted by FDA were targeted as fraudulent: EverlywellNurx and Carbon Health.

For all three companies, the kits themselves were simply nasal or cheek swabs with written instructions. There is no data that these would actually work–in fact, even w current tests, one problem is people not obtaining NP (nasopharyngeal swabs) from back far enough, likely yielding more negatives.


Ivermectin, a drug for treating parasites, looks promising in the lab –the value of #DrugRepurposing studies. Not ready for prime time, but interesting.

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In Italian study, 40 of 60 blood donors had antibodies for Covid19, although they were asymptomatic.

Hopefully, we will soon see Rx with passive antibody shots to protect health care workers and other especially vulnerable people. This is sort of like the old “gamma globulin” shots that people got in the 1960s.

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Dr. Anthony Fauci responds to Dr. Oz‘s advocacy for Hydroxychloroquine as a covid treatment: “That was not a very robust study.” Fauci also says some may “feel” HCQ is an effective treatment, and “there is a suggestion” it could be, but we can’t “make that majestic leap” to assume it’s a cure.

Epidemiology/Infection control:

Stating the obvious; Exposures to a large inoculum of #Coronavirus Might Be the More Dangerous

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In anticipation of some states exempting religious services (hey Florida) from #StayAtHome, we explained that the intergenerational (young and old) mixing that occurs in churches, mosques and temples makes them a high risk place for #covid19 spread


The Case for Universal Cloth Mask Adoption and Policies to Increase Supply of Medical Masks for Health Workers:

One of the co-authors is someone I’ve known for many years and have tremendous respect for.


We recommend the immediate universal adoption of cloth facemasks, including homemade, and accompanying policies to increase the supply of medical masks for health workers. Universal adoption will likely slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus by reducing transmission from asymptomatic individuals. We provide strongly suggestive evidence from cross-country data that facemask use slows the growth rate of cases and deaths. This complements extant scientific data on mask usage. Our analysis suggests each cloth facemask generates thousands of dollars in value from reduced mortality risk. Each medical mask, when used by a healthcare worker, may generate millions of dollars in value, and policies to encourage greater production prioritized for health workers are urgently needed.

On the other hand, problems with masks include:

People will consider this homemade mask as their “home-free” card and disregard the other proven measures – thorough handwashing and social distancing.

People will still touch their face frequently, if only to adjust their mask.

Masks, when they become damp from your breath, sweat, and the humidity in the air may become more likely to attract and retain the particles floating around you.

When you return home you have to assume that mask was contaminated. You must wash your hands before taking it off and putting it into a contained area to be washed and dried before it can be used again. How many people will be able to do this without contaminating their face or clothing?

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“Viral particles can be spread via bioaerosols generated directly by exhalation of patients with #COVID19. HOWEVER, there is not currently enough evidence to confirm that these particles are viable & in amounts sufficient to cause infection” by conversation.

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More on MASKS

“Our findings indicate that surgical masks can efficaciously reduce the emission of influenza virus particles into the environment in respiratory droplets, but not in aerosols” and may help interrupt virus transmission.

Iron cloth masks to disinfect them says Prof Christiane Drosten

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A collection of mask links from my friend Lonnie Marcum here.

I particularly liked this pattern by Jessica Nandino.

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Here’s an easy NO SEW DIY mask, though not terribly protective x from large droplets. Clever:

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Stanford’s recommendations for cleaning N-95 masks.

Tips, general reading for public:

Great idea! There Is A Coronavirus Coloring Book Designed To Help Children Cope With The Pandemic by Victoria Forster, @vickyyyf

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Pets: Increasing evidence that people can pass the virus that caused Covid19 and other viruses to cats, but not so much to dogs. Keep animals from drinking out of the toilet to protect them from a variety of infections





Hospitals are threatening to fire doctors and nurses (or have already done so) for speaking out about their unsafe working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Revisionist history:

The Trump administration just changed its language about the Strategic National Stockpile on an HHS website to jibe with Jared Kushner’s claim that this isn’t for the states.

Feel good du jour:

Berlin opens a hostel for the homeless

Health care workers in Windsor, Canada, go to help in Detroit.

Comic relief:


Bits of beauty:

from Lonnie Marcum
A large flower grower who has lost all of their business so they donated 30,000 stems of flowers.
A large group of volunteers who are delivering meals and supplies to the elderly added these beautiful bouquets.
#Kindness and Generosity.
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