About the Author

Meet Dr. Judy Stone

I am the daughter of Hungarian Holocaust survivors and have a longstanding interest in genealogy and oral history. These interests, as well as changes in global politics, prompted my writing of my survivor family's memoir, Resilience.

Professionally, I am an infectious disease (ID) physician who is experienced in conducting clinical research. I am the author of Conducting Clinical Research: A Practical Guide for Physicians, Nurses, Study Coordinators, and Investigators, which has been adopted as a text throughout the country.

I spent twenty-five years in solo practice in rural Cumberland, Maryland, and now care for patients part-time as a locum tenens (substitute) physician. I am a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. I completed medical school at the University of Maryland, residency at Rochester General Hospital in New York, and fellowship at West Virginia University.

I am a Forbes Pharma and Healthcare contributor and previously wrote the Molecules to Medicine column for Scientific American. I especially love writing about ethical issues and tilting at windmills as I advocate for social justice. As part of my ongoing desire to save the world when I grow up, I have become particularly interested in neglected tropical diseases. I have long hoped to teach overseas, and I have a growing interest in Holocaust education and teaching tolerance. When not slaving over hot patients, I can be found playing with photography, with friends' dogs, or in my garden.