Coronavirus Tidbits #45 5/9/20


First, there is now a Resources Page here for the most commonly asked questions I'm getting.

Tidbits will likely be a bit shorter and a little less frequent for the next little bit. I have been immersed in it and I need to spend a little more time on self-care, which for me means seeing the spring flowers emerge and digging in the dirt.

Happy to continue to answer your questions/concerns as best I can, so don't be shy about that.


Trump administration shelves CDC guide to reopening country amid coronavirus restrictions

The 17-page report by a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention team, titled “Guidance for Implementing the Opening Up America Again Framework,”...was supposed to be published last Friday, but agency scientists were told the guidance “would never see the light of day,” according to a CDC official.

The AP has a leaked copy. You can read all the CDC recommendations here:

Apparently, this is one more way Trump wants to shift blame to the states and away from him (like telling them to fend for themselves in getting PPE and ventilators)

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still an incredible, negligent lack of testing and understanding.

re Katie Miller: Trump: Katie, she tested very good for a long period of time and then all of the sudden today she tested positive... This is why the whole concept of tests aren’t necessarily great

And why are we wasting millions on flyovers to "honor" first responders rather than use those millions of dollars to get them PPE or hazard pay or something useful? Or food for the millions who are hungry...


Doctors lambaste federal process for distributing Covid-19 drug remdesivir

Feds are keeping this info a state secret. Almost impossible to find what hospitals have Remdesivir--so docs won't know where to send patients who might benefit from it. I understand they don't want a run on the drug, but surely there is a better way.


Epidemiology/Infection control:

Health authorities in Nebraska will not be allowed to track COVID-19 cases among employees of meat processing plants, Gov. Pete Ricketts said.

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In Iowa, they're playing "Lambs to the Slaughter"

Coronavirus Cases at Iowa Meat Plant Double to 1,000+ on Same Day It Reopens

and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds insisted that if businesses open and employees refuse to return to work because they consider it unsafe, they lose their employment and unemployment benefits.

Reminder, too, that Trump is pushing for protection from liability for the meat packers--but no protection for the employees working in dangerous conditions.

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“During the medical history interview or examination, a history of COVID-19, confirmed by either a laboratory test or a clinician diagnosis, is permanently disqualifying" from joining the military.

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Ignoring outbreaks in homeless shelters is proving perilous

Controlling the spread of coronavirus in group settings is essential to ending the outbreak. Amy Maxman 

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Plandemic commentary:

Why It’s Important To Push Back On ‘Plandemic’—And How To Do It

By Tara Haelle

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Rebuttal to Plandemic, carefully annotated, from fire and emergency management educator Jim Chaffee 
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Judy Mikovits in Plandemic: An antivax conspiracy theorist becomes a COVID-19 grifter:

by David Gorski, MD

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False Positive - Jon Cohen, Martin Enserink
a 2011 feature about Judy Mikovits and her insistence--despite abundance evidence to the contrary--that a retrovirus, XMRV, has strong links to chronic fatigue syndrome. 
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Tips, general reading for public:


Wash your hands.

Rinse and repeat.


Federal Court Rules Arkansas Can Continue Preventing People from Getting Abortion Care During Pandemic

"prevents patients from obtaining a procedural abortion unless they are able to take, and receive negative results from, a COVID-19 test within 48 hours of their abortion."

Of course, since tests aren't readily available, the women can't get tested and are therefore screwed again.

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So Mike Pence shows up to a Virginia nursing home 1. without a mask 2. while not social distancing 3. after a Trump valet tests positive for coronavirus 4. for an unnecesssary photo-up.

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Jacob Wohl paid a woman to lie that Anthony Fauci assaulted her.

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Fascinating view of manipulation and lies: Trump made Florida his official residence. He may have also made a legal mess.…

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Sad, non-Covid story: "Tutwiler" film follows incarcerated mothers in Alabama forced to say goodbye to their newborns.

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Graffiti Grandma:

67-Year-Old Writer Handcuffed and Jailed Over Chalk Graffiti; ‘Petty’ Arrest Amidst a Plague

Jill Nelson wrote: Trump = Plague

Feel good du jour:

Comic relief:

I guess I don’t need to comment on the irony of Stephen Miller’s wife having COVID after he used it as an excuse to close the borders.

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The Pence staffer infected with coronavirus is his spokeswoman, Katie Miller - Stephen Miller's wife. While Katie will now be quarantined for as long as it takes, Stephen is in the clear as there have been no recorded cases of infection in the undead.

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On the push to reopen too soon, I thought this was perfect:

Jessica Valenti @JessicaValenti
The venn diagram of "zygotes have rights" people and "fuck your grandma, she's gonna die anyway" people is one big sociopathic circle.
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And this lovely poem:

From Blossoms

From blossoms comes
this brown paper bag of peaches
we bought from the boy
at the bend in the road where we turned toward
signs painted Peaches.
From laden boughs, from hands,
from sweet fellowship in the bins,
comes nectar at the roadside, succulent
peaches we devour, dusty skin and all,
comes the familiar dust of summer, dust we eat.
O, to take what we love inside,
to carry within us an orchard, to eat
not only the skin, but the shade,
not only the sugar, but the days, to hold
the fruit in our hands, adore it, then bite into
the round jubilance of peach.
There are days we live
as if death were nowhere
in the background; from joy
to joy to joy, from wing to wing,
from blossom to blossom to
impossible blossom, to sweet impossible blossom.

Bits of beauty:


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