Coronavirus Tidbits #285, March 10, 2024


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#LongCovid treatment survey has launched!

There are many treatment surveys, but this one is special - the data will be used as evidence to help inform which drugs to study in clinical trials!
Please share!
They need several thousand case reports to create enough data.
Anyone in the world can submit cases.
Please send to every #LongCovid patient and clinician you know.
There are two links to submit reports:
For #LongCovid patients:
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A call to action--to defeat the GOP and protect democracy.

Given what is going on with the Supremes and in the world, it's clearly more important than ever that we work to do this. There are so many ways you can help, from GOTV, to supporting various grassroot efforts, to phone banking, etc.
There are 3 groups I work with and recommend:
Strongly suggest checking out NOPE Neighbors
VoPro Pros:

Field Team 6: MISSION:  Register Democrats.   Save the World.


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Bad decisions recently:

     CDC ends covid isolation,

"Despite stating there would be a comment period, CDC suddenly dropped its 5-day covid isolation guidelines on Friday, March 1 (and hid Twitter responses again) – the first day of Long Covid Awareness Month....Some US workplaces were pre-prepared to implement removal of covid isolation sick pay saying they expected the CDC changes." - Violet Blue's summary.

Multiple groups have and will cont to object, including the World Health Network, People's CDC,  National Nurses United

“NOTE: We expect the CDC to rescind the 5 day isolation period in the very near future. Once the CDC guidance is updated, employees will no longer be eligible for Covid pay for any period of isolation.” Employers were ready for the CDC change so they could end sick pay. (Lucky Tran)

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Most people will still be infectious, as assessed from rapid antigen tests (and the new recommendation ignores the use of rapid tests). 1 in 3 people with a COVID infection will still be contagious at day 5. What is the CDC thinking?


     White House stopped daily testing and pre-test for Biden meetings

     NIH to end and delete covid guidance: 

The final update of the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines was on February 29, 2024. PDFs of the Guidelines can be downloaded until August 16, 2024, when the website will be shut down.

     US stops free test program

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CDC advisory panel says people 65 and older should get a Covid spring booster shot

[>4 months from your last vax. I recommend Novavax, rather than Pfizer or Moderna mRNA vax--it likely has longer lasting immunity]

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COVID vaccination in first half of menstrual cycle tied to temporarily longer cycles

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Low iron may play key role in long COVID

Patients who went on to develop long COVID showed more problems with regulation of blood iron levels, including anemia, as soon as 2 weeks after acute infection, suggesting low iron levels may play a role in the chronic condition, according to a new study in Nature Immunology.

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Patients with prior COVID-19 at higher risk for new-onset autoimmune inflammatory disease

Patients with a history of COVID-19 demonstrate a higher risk for new-onset autoimmune inflammatory rheumatic diseases, with greater infection severity linked to greater risk, according to data published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

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Developmental delays in SARS-CoV-2-positive neonates 

in small new study (30 + babies, 60 controls)

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Covid Spike Protein lingers in bloos and tissue

for 14 mo in blood in those who were more ill, 2 years in tissue in UCSF study.

Is this a clue to long Covid treatments?

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In an outbreak notice today, the World Health Organization (WHO) detailed recent reports from Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands. In most instances, people had contact with wild or domestic birds.

Psittacosis is caused by Chlamydophila psittaci bacteria, which is known to affect birds. Transmission to humans typically occurs through inhaled particles from respiratory secretions, dried feces, or feather dust. Infections are often mild, but patients can develop a sometimes-fatal pneumonia. The disease is treatable with prompt, appropriate antibiotics.

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Insecticide paint controls mosquito population up to 1 year, experiment shows

An insecticide paint used on houses in Cabo Verde, Africa, was able to control local populations of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes for at least 1 year, according to a study today in Frontiers in Tropical Diseases.

Ninety-eight percent of residents with houses coated in transfluthrin-based insecticide paint reported a significant reduction in the mosquitoes that most commonly transmit yellow fever, malaria, Zika, and dengue during the year-long experiment in the small country off the coast of West Africa.

[Wonder how soon resistance will develop. I prefer the Wolbachia strategy]

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Outbreaks now in multiple states. One of the Measles cases in Ontario was a *vaccinated* man in his 30s with no history of travel and no other known exposure.

"Measles among vaccinated healthcare workers has been central in many outbreaks declared in healthcare settings in the post elimination era" VACCINES ARE NOT PPE. Both are needed.  - @davidElfstrom (Source: )

Yet Health Canada: "Immune healthcare workers do not need respirators when caring for patients with measles". Evidence level: Studies of low quality, or expert opinion (Source:

But Health Canada, both WHO and CDC say ( HCW should use N95 regardless of presumptive evidence of immunity when caring for known or suspected measles.


still an incredible, negligent last of testing.

Drugs and Vaccines:

Who benefits most from frequent COVID-19 boosters?

The model's results largely square with data on who is most at risk of bad outcomes from COVID-19: For those older than 65 or who are immunocompromised, more frequent boosters—at least annually—go further to protect against hospitalization or death. For younger populations, the benefit of frequent boosting against severe disease is more modest.

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Case report: 217 COVID vaccine doses haven't harmed man's immune system

A German man who claims to have received 217 doses of eight different COVID-19 vaccines for "private reasons" has a fully functional immune system and much higher concentrations of immune cells and antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 than those seen in recipients of three doses, researchers report in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.

Of the 217 doses the man said he received over 29 months, 134 have been officially confirmed.

The 62-year-old man from Magdeburg agreed to undergo medical testing in Erlangen after researchers there read newspaper articles on his case and were interested in learning the immunologic consequences of hypervaccination. He gave them access to the results of blood tests he had taken in recent years and donated blood samples for further testing as he continued to seek more doses of his own volition.

The public prosecutor in Magdeburg investigated the case for fraud but didn't file criminal charges.

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INVIVYD - Prophylaxis drug that is infusion only. Immunocompromised only.  


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Pharma giant Boehringer Ingelheim will bring down the cost of inhalers from $525 to $35 a month for most patients. They're one of the four major inhaler makers. This move, which could help millions, comes after massive public pressure and a federal lawsuit.

Epidemiology/Infection control:

Tips, general reading for public:








Sh*t show last week on Twitter over CDC's suddenly getting rid of isolation periods, particularly since they had indicated there would be a public comment period and this wouldn't drop until April....But Friday nite, on the 1st day of Long Covid Awareness month...

Ashish Jha, former White House COVID-19 response coordinator from 2022–2023, and dean of Brown School of Public Health posted this:

and Dr. Lucky Tran responded:

May sound trivial to you, but many of us who practice(d) ID and are critical of Covid policy are tired of being dissed and dismissed, with a "listen to the experts," many of whom have sold out or have significant COIs.

For example, I've reached out to 3 pandemic preparedness experts for comment and...crickets...although they have spoken w me before. Deafening silence now. Presumably their grants are threatened...

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Trump’s repeated calls for mass deportations of foreign-born U.S. citizens, including his Feb 29 promise to use local police as well as federal troops to round people up and move them to camps for deportation, now include threats to all US citizens born abroad — 25 million of us.
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TFG has pledged not to support giving federal funds to schools that implemented vaccine or mask mandates

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Video footage shows an anti-immigration protester aggressively questioning Arizona state Rep. Eric Descheenie about his citizenship status.

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Project 2025 is linked to “The Statement on Christian Nationalism” manifesto which seeks to implement a Scripture-based system of gov't whereby Christ-ordained “civil magistrates” exercise authority over the American public, reports jennycohn1. READ:

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One of the most common children’s #asthma meds is no longer available, leaving families scrambling --the decision helps GlaxoSmithKline avoid new Medicaid penalties per Sen Warren via @statnews  #Flovent

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Why are things expensive?
4 companies control 55% to 85% of the meat market.
4 airlines control 80% of air travel.
3 companies control 92% of the soda market.
3 companies control 73% of the cereal market.
Why don't I hear about it? 6 companies control 90% of the news.
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Gov. Katie Hobbs, Arizona Democrat, announced this week that she’s partnering with the New York-based nonprofit RIP Medical Debt to settle medical bills for as many as 1 million residents of the Grand Canyon State.

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joined two other states in not expanding Medicaid for new mothers.

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28-11: The Florida state Senate passes a bill to remove local governments' authority to adopt heat standards, such as guaranteed shade and rest breaks, for workers. The bill would make all local heat protections “void and prohibited.”
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House lawmakers advance $3 million grant program to help schools buy guns for teachers

...They turned down a federal grant to feed hungry kids…

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The country is going insane ..and now All those MAGA men are waking up and saying …wait … WTF…. What did they think would happen? Kentucky Senate passes bill to grant the right to collect child support for unborn children
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New Mexico:

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) signs a bill banning the open carry of guns near polling places. It is now illegal in New Mexico to openly possess a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place and 50 feet of a drop box.

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North Carolina:

“I absolutely want to go back to the America where women couldn’t vote.” ~Republican nominee for governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson.

Robinson also repeatedly voiced support for completely banning abortion without exceptions for rape or incest. He's called women who get abortions - even if just pregnant for 24 hours - murderers,…

And he is a big Holocaust denier.

[Sounds like he is a shoo-in for the election]

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A Tennessee firm hired 24 kids as young as 13 in meat-processing plants -- making them clean kill floor equipment like head splitters and meat saws US Dept of Labor has sued to stop the firm, Fayette Janitorial Services, from exploiting kids
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Feel good du jour:

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An incarcerated man donated all $17.74 of his 13-cent-an-hour janitorial wages to help civilians in Gaza. Then hundreds donated to him.

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@flotus working on the Women’s Health Research Initiative: last week, $100 million in federal funding was announced or research and development into women’s health from the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health.

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A D.C. lawyer learned English as a child from a teacher who tutored her each day. She found her to say thank you.—beautiful story of #kindness. A gift article:


When you hear them say
(and you will hear them say)
that the burden
of the old guidelines
was too much was just too much to bear
know that when they say
the burden
they are talking about
protecting those among us
who are most at risk.

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