Magdus – War Years Map

Magdus and Miki pre-war
Magdus and Miki pre-war 

While Miki was in forced labor, then Dachau, this map shows where Magdus was during the war.

Amazingly, she walked on a death march from Reinikendorf to Rostock, at the North Sea, then after liberation, back to Oranienburg.

She eventually found her way back to Debrecen. Later, giving up on being able to resume life in Hungary, she joined family in Zennern, Germany, until emigrating in 1949.

Click on markers on the map for additional information about the location and its significance in Magnus’ life.

Legend for pins:

Yellow  =  home, Debrecen

Red skull  =   concentration camp

Purple  =  forced labor and death march

Green  =  post-liberation