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Overview from WHO

[In case you think Covid is over and we can go back to normal], globally, 3 million new cases and over 23 000 deaths were reported in the last 28 days.

As of 9 April 2023, over 762 million confirmed cases and over 6.8 million deaths have been reported globally.

~ ~ ~

Biden terminates the national emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This closes lavish funding streams for COVID tests, free vaccines and other emergency measures thrown together—starting in January 2020—to try and free the world's biggest economy from the grip of the global pandemic.

A sign at Walgreens says that insurance coverage for at-home Covid-19 tests ends May 11.

~ ~ ~


Higher-dose corticosteroids are linked to a 60% increased risk of death in hospitalized COVID-19 patients with low oxygen levels, finds a randomized, controlled trial (RECOVERY) published yesterday in The Lancet.

The patients were randomly assigned to receive high-dose corticosteroids (659 patients) or standard care (613; 87% received low-dose corticosteroids). The high-dose regimen consisted of 20 milligrams (mg) dexamethasone once daily for 5 days followed by 10 mg for 5 days, while the low-dose regimen included 6 mg once daily for 10 days. Of all patients, 19% had diabetes, and 60% were men.

The authors had already shown that low-dose corticosteroids reduce deaths among COVID-19 patients needing supplemental oxygen.

~ ~ ~

@EricTopol      Autoimmune diseases increases post Covid
Beyond autoimmunity as a mechanism for #LongCovid, the heightened risk of autoimmune diseases "Compelling and reliable evidence that #SARSCoV2 infection is linked to a substantially increased risk of developing diverse new-onset autoimmune diseases..."
~ ~ ~
@ahandvanish   April 12
New paper comparing #LongCovid patients to matched controls found significantly reduced blood flow all over the brain - frontal, temporal, & parietal lobes. Middle column in the picture below are healthy controls; red/warm colors = more blood flow. 1/
The reduced blood flow was especially bad in the frontal lobes & right hemisphere. From the paper: "frontal lobes represent key hubs for working memory, inhibition, cognitive flexibility, planning, & problem solving".

~ ~ ~

Long COVID may be due to the virus sticking around after infection, researchers say

"There are many theories about what's contributing to #LongCovid... Scientists are also looking at the role of autoimmunity or damaged tissue or #MicroClots. The list goes on. Abdel-Mohsen says it's important to realize that some of these theories are not mutually exclusive."

~ ~ ~

Hearing Loss as a side effect of Covid:

First a study which shows that hearing loss can happen even in asymptomatic cases.

a meta-analysis: "Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss in the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis"

a little-known side effect of the virus – sudden deafness.

~ ~ ~

Three Years Later, Covid-19 Is Still a Health Threat. Journalism Needs to Reflect That

"New York Times is not alone...The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and NPR, to name just a few, have amplified voices and arguments that helped create a narrative that not only pathologizes those who remain cautious about the disease..."

"...but also fails to adequately convey the risks associated with Covid such that many people are unwittingly taking on potentially lifelong risks. In the process, we’ve failed at our field’s core tenets — to hold power to account and to follow the evidence. "

"Our failures here could last a generation. As reporters, it’s our responsibility to accurately represent the needs of diverse perspectives and avoid an ableist bias that diminishes the real and lasting health concerns not only of those who are keenly at risk..."

"...but those who are cautious about repeatedly catching a virus that scientists are still grappling to understand.

“There have been some sources who have been consistently wrong about making predictions about the pandemic, like saying the pandemic is over, we had herd immunity, that Covid didn’t spread into places like schools. They’ve been on the record, saying these wrong things..."

"...but then they keep popping up in the media, and being quoted and taken as authoritative sources afterwards. There hasn’t been adequate fact checking or balances within journalistic institutions. And I’m talking about mainstream institutions — top tier institutions.”

~ ~ ~

Posts Exaggerate Lab Findings About COVID-19’s Impact on Immune System

"most research suggests people who recover do just fine.

Studies show that most people who have been infected with the coronavirus, or SARS-CoV-2, are well-protected against severe disease if infected again, with subsequent or prior vaccination offering even more protection.

There is no evidence that COVID-19 has left large swaths of the population immunocompromised or unable to fight off either the coronavirus or other pathogens."

from A Project of The Annenberg Public Policy Center at UPenn

~ ~ ~

Study shows vitamin D may have key role in fighting off COVID-19 pneumonia

Clinical data increasingly has shown that patients with low vitamin D levels have a greater chance of COVID-19 infection—and severe disease and death.

the vitamin strengthens the lung lining, preventing COVID-19 as well as other viruses from penetrating the body's airways to cause infection, and possibly also reducing fluid leakage into the airways,

~ ~ ~


@picardonhealth   Apr 10
Strep is bad right now — an antibiotic shortage is making it worse. Strep throat is more prevalent this year, and amoxicillin manufacturers didn't make enough of the antibiotic to go around, by @slupkin

Invasive Group A Strep infections:

New York reports dramatic increase in invasive group A streptococcal infections in 2023

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) reports statewide, including New York City, there have been over 450 cases of invasive group A streptococcal infections reported during the first three months of 2023. This is almost twice as many as the average for these same three months in the previous five years.

The increase is reported primarily among persons aged 65 and older, though small increases are being seen in children.

NYC and NYS providers have reported severe outcomes of invasive group A streptococcal infections, including necrotizing fasciitis, streptococcal toxic shock syndrome, and death. Clinical syndromes for recently reported pediatric invasive group A streptococcal cases and non-invasive group A streptococcal cases include acute hypoxic respiratory failure secondary to pneumonia, empyema, osteomyelitis, and septic arthritis, among others

Recent pediatric invasive group A streptococcal infections and non-invasive group A streptococcal infection cases in NYC and NYS have been associated with respiratory infections due to parainfluenza, rhinovirus, enterovirus, influenza, and human metapneumovirus, among other viruses. Concurrent or preceding viral infections, including varicella (chickenpox), may increase risk for invasive group A streptococcal infection.

~ ~ ~

Blastomycosis outbreak associated with the Escanaba Billerud Paper Mill in Michigan:

As of Friday, 19 blastomycosis cases have been confirmed, while another 74 people have been classified as probable cases.

Blastomycosis is an uncommon, but potentially serious fungal infection. It primarily affects the lungs, and is caused by the fungus Blastomyces dermatitidis. The signs and symptoms of illness that can result from exposure to this soil organism are variable. Illness may develop 2-15 weeks after exposure to the fungus.

Approximately 50% of people who are infected with B. dermatitidis will not have symptoms. Among the infected persons who develop symptoms, the symptoms vary from mild to severe, and can be fatal. A very serious progressive illness involving multiple organ systems can occur in untreated patient.

People can get blastomycosis infection by breathing in fungal spores from the air. Blastomycosis does not spread from person to person or between animals and people.

~ ~ ~

STD epidemic continues to worsen, CDC says

Final surveillance data released by the CDC on Tuesday confirmed that reported cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis increased between 2020 and 2021 in the United States, totaling more than 2.5 million.

It was the latest in a series of dire warnings about the continued rise in the three nationally reportable STDs and marked the seventh time in 8 years that the total number of reported cases was higher than the previous year.

“This is not business as usual — it is a rapidly deteriorating public health crisis in a dangerous time,”

~ ~ ~

Marburg epidemic grows

@kakape  April 15
According to a new update from @WHO, the #Marburg outbreak in Equatorial Guinea is now up to 15 confirmed cases plus 23 probable cases. All of the probable and at least 11 of the 15 confirmed cases have died (3 recovered, fate of one is unknown)
~ ~ ~

Pediatric hepatitis outbreak follow-up:

Two common viruses (AAV-2 and adenovirus 41)  (and HHV-6B in more severe cases) co-infected kids with a certain genetic background (HLA‐DRB1*04:01 allele)

• 93% of kids with hepatitis had this particular HLA allele compared to 11% of the general population That’s an OR = 112.3 (27-475)* *yes I double checked that odds ratio! That’s like smoking and lung cancer level association

~ ~ ~

Avian Influenza:


How the avian flu must change before it can trigger a human pandemic


still an incredible, negligent last of testing.

Drugs and Vaccines

Misinformation alert: Survey: Many younger US women say flu, COVID vaccines not safe in pregnancy

Many US women of childbearing age doubt the safety and effectiveness of vaccination against influenza and COVID-19 during pregnancy, according to a new report from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

The report, released early this week, includes the findings of the second Annenberg Science and Public Health Knowledge Monitor, a randomly drawn, online, national survey fielded by the SSRS Opinion Panel in 10 waves starting in April 2021, the most recent of which included 1,657 adults in January 2023.

Results depended on vaccination status

Most women ages 18 to 49 years (53%) indicated that flu vaccine is safe for women and their fetuses during pregnancy, and 17% said it isn't, compared with 9% of men and 4% of women aged 50 and older. Skepticism was even more evident in the COVID-19 vaccine findings: 42% of women of childbearing age said the vaccine is safe and effective during pregnancy, but 31% said that it isn't, compared with 15% of older women and 19% of men.

The findings differed on vaccination status, with 76% of women of childbearing age vaccinated against the flu indicating that the vaccine is safe during pregnancy, compared with 40% of unvaccinated respondents in that age-group. Similarly, 59% of woman of childbearing age vaccinated against COVID-19 said the vaccine is safe and effective during pregnancy, compared with 8% in unvaccinated participants in this age-group.

In the report, lead author Kathleen Hall Jamieson, PhD, called the results worrisome. "Because the Covid and flu vaccines help protect both those who are pregnant and their infants, dispatching misconceptions about them should be a public health priority," she said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that pregnant women receive both vaccines.

~ ~ ~

Potential for new vaccine?  SP1-77 

An antibody developed by researchers known as SP1-77 neutralized ALL currently known SARS-CoV-2 variants, including ALL Omicron variants. If the findings are eventually replicated in humans, the antibodies could lead to better COVID-19 vaccines and treatments!

Scientists have been searching for an antibody that would be broadly neutralizing- able to fight off any viral variant that might emerge, and now an antibody developed by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital just might be the answer!

In lab tests, SP1-771 effectively neutralized ALL currently known SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern, including ALL Omicron variants. Researchers at HMS and Boston Children’s first modified a mouse model the Alt lab created to search for broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV.

Once the virus has bound to ACE2, it must complete a final step: fusing its outer membrane with the membrane of our cells. This throws the door open to infection. Using a novel live-cell imaging platform, researchers showed that SP1-77 BLOCKS this step. SP1-77 binds the spike protein at a site that so far has not been mutated in any variant, and it neutralizes these variants by a novel mechanism. These properties may contribute to its broad and potent activity.

~ ~ ~

Big data study refutes anti-vax blood clot claims about COVID-19 vaccines

A study led by University at Buffalo researchers has confirmed that contrary to claims by anti-vaccine proponents, COVID-19 vaccines pose only trivial risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE), or blood clots. In addition, the study found that becoming infected with COVID-19 poses a significant risk of blood clots.

Devices and Masks:

HEPA units report

Evidence that portable air filters with UV sterilisation removed SARS-CoV-2 (& a range of other bacterial, viral, and fungal) bioaerosols from the air in a COVID-19 ward.

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Mask mandates save lives

"State mask mandates reduced new weekly COVID-19 cases, hospital admissions, and deaths by 55, 11, and 0.7 per 100,000 inhabitants on average. The effect depends on political leaning with larger effects in Democratic-leaning counties. [This is likely because mandates in more Democratic-leaning counties are more effective in promoting mask wearing.]  Our results imply that statewide mandates saved 87,000 lives through December 19, 2020, while a nationwide mandate could have saved 57,000 additional lives. This suggests that mask mandates can help counter pandemics, particularly if widely accepted."

Indeed, the estimated effect of mask mandates on weekly deaths per 100,000 inhabitants varies from around −2.5 to 0 depending on the political leaning of counties, compared to the average effect of −0.7 mentioned above.

~ ~ ~

Epidemiology/Infection control:

XBB.1.16 variant increasing in India

the variant known as Arcturus which is responsible for the current massive surge in COVID-19 infections in India.

Seems to be associated w conjunctivitis, but hard to tell since Adenovirus is also circulating and causes that.

~ ~ ~

COVID Omicron variant infection deadlier than flu, studies suggest

Two new studies suggest that COVID-19 Omicron variant infection is deadlier than influenza, with one finding that US veterans hospitalized with Omicron in fall and winter 2022-23 died at a 61% higher rate than hospitalized flu patients, and the other revealing that Israeli adults hospitalized with flu were 55% less likely to die within 30 days than those admitted for Omicron in the 2021-22 flu season.

~ ~ ~

In-person school reopenings tied to modest rise in community COVID spread

“Fifty-six days after in-school reopening, compared with fully remote schools, the daily COVID-19 rate was higher in the fully in-person counties (aIRR, 1.52) and in those using a hybrid model (aIRR, 1.23).”

~ ~ ~

Study notes high rate of COVID-infected healthcare workers still caring for patients

Half of all HCWs with symptomatic #COVID19 continued to go to work, even if they were involved with direct patient care.

HCWs cited a high workload burden for coworkers and personal responsibility as the main reasons for continuing to work while sick, compared to limits on paid leave or perceived expectations to work while sick.

[So why are hospitals dropping mask mandates???]

~ ~ ~


Tips, general reading for public:





April 10: The FBI is warning consumers to not use free charging stations in airports, hotels, or shopping centers as criminals have figured out ways to use public USB ports to infect devices with malware and monitoring software.

~ ~ ~

I look for safer spaces to still enjoy things while #CovidIsNotOver. One of those is, surprisingly, AMC theaters. They upgraded to MERV13 filters and bring in outdoor air. I go to the first showing of the day in a theater, to a movie that won't be busy, and mask up in an N95.



“It’s hard to feel like there’s any value in my life in these policies." On April 3 California ended masking mandates in health care settings. Immunocompromised and other vulnerable patients say they've been put in an "impossible" position.
~ ~ ~
@japantimes   Apr 12
About 86% of people are still wearing masks in public a month after Japan’s guidelines were eased, according to an AI system developed by broadcaster NTV surveying people at Tokyo Station.
~ ~ ~
Charity care:

Are Nonprofit Hospitals Really Giving Back More Than They Get?

— Report claims institutions take in billions more than they spend on community, charity care

A hospital index report from the nonprofit Lown Institute found that77% of the 1,773 nonprofit hospitals analyzed spent less on charity care and community investment than the estimated value of their tax breaks in 2020. With the equivalent of $14.2 billion in these "fair share deficits," 18 million Americans could have their medical debt cleared, and more than 600 rural hospitals at risk of closure could stay open.

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside in Pittsburgh was at the top of the "fair share deficit" list, with a -$246 million difference in community investment versus tax breaks. The report estimated that the medical center could erase 167,060 medical debts in Pennsylvania with that amount, or cover losses for 248 rural U.S. hospitals.

~ ~ ~

Abortion/Reproductive care/ Mifepristone:

Samuel Alito, from a 2009 opinion: “Where FDA determines, in accordance with its statutory mandate, that a drug is on balance ‘safe,’ our conflict preemption cases prohibit any state from countermanding that determination.”
~ ~ ~
@nytimes   Apr 10
Executives from over 250 drug companies called for the reversal of a judge’s abortion drug ruling, warning it could disrupt the entire industry.
~ ~ ~

SCOTUS/Clarence Thomas/Harlan Crow

@morgfair   Apr 9

~ ~ ~

NEW: While refusing to disclose lavish gifts from a billionaire, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas pushed to invalidate all political spending disclosure laws in America.

~ ~ ~

@SawyerHackett   Apr 13
Harlan Crow didn’t just buy Clarence Thomas’s childhood home. Thomas’s mother still lived there! Crow spent tens of thousands of dollars renovating it—and purchased adjacent property to increase the value of the neighborhood.
Within weeks of the sale, contractors began work on $36,000 worth of improvements on Thomas’ mother’s home, including a carport, a repaired roof & a new fence and gates, according to city permit records and blueprints.
A Crow company began paying the roughly $1500/year tax bill for the renovated property. Thomas and his wife Ginni had paid the tax before the sale.
Was the $133,363 price for the Thomas lots fair market value, as Crow maintains? It’s unclear, but Crow paid significantly less for other properties on the same street, buying two properties there for a combined $40,000.
Federal law requires justices & other officials to disclose the details of most real estate sales of more than $1,000.
~ ~ ~


@jefftimmer  Apr 9
Fun Fact: Every single state that voted for Donald Trump in 2020 receives more money from the federal government than they contribute to the federal government. Happy Red Welfare States Day to all those who take and celebrate.
~ ~ ~
Is the GOP becoming the American fascist party?
~ ~ ~
@OmarRiverosays   April 10
~ ~ ~
@AP   Apr 12
National Public Radio is quitting Twitter after the social media company labeled NPR as “state-affiliated media.” NPR said the platform is undermining its credibility by falsely implying that it is not editorially independent.
~ ~ ~
   April 12

Elon Musk's fortune, which ultimately enabled his takeover of Twitter, has been padded by billions in subsidies and contracts paid for by American taxpayers.

Just in case anyone needed that reminder.

~ ~ ~

@harrylitman   Apr 11
Oops. After twice representing to the court that Rupert Murdoch has no official roll at Fox News, Fox revealed that Murdoch is “executive chair” at Fox News. The mild mannered judge was fairly steaming. He told Fox attorney “you have a credibility problem.”
~ ~ ~
Book bans:
@SawyerHackett   Apr 10
Wow. Two weeks ago a judge ordered the public library in Llano County, TX to return books banned by conservative activists. Now, this week county officials will meet to discuss eliminating the library entirely. More from @serrano_alej:
~ ~ ~
@NoLieWithBTC   Apr 11
Missouri Republicans have voted to defund all public libraries. It is an apparent extortion attempt to try to force libraries to remove books that include LGBTQ characters or racial justice themes. (per @HeartlandSignal)
~ ~ ~

Scholastic wanted to license her children's book — if she cut a part about 'racism'

'Maggie Tokuda-Hall was thrilled when the publishing powerhouse approached her to feature her book about a love story set in an internment camp during WWII.'

~ ~ ~

@Phil_Lewis_   Apr 11
Evacuation orders have been issued for Richmond, Indiana residents who live within a half mile of the fire below “The smoke is definitely toxic,” a fire marshall said. “This fire is going to burn for a few days.”
~ ~ ~

The US has at least 34 bitcoin mining operations. They consume more than 3,900 megawatts of electricity. That is nearly the same amount of electricity as 3 million households. In Texas, where 10 of the 34 mines are connected to the state’s grid, it's estimated the increased demand has caused electric bills for power customers to rise nearly 5 percent. The additional power use across the country also causes as much carbon pollution as adding 3.5 million gas-powered cars.

~ ~ ~


Why did inequalities of income and wealth begin to widen so dramatically in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and continue widening since?

We'll start to explore that very question in Class 1 of my Wealth and Poverty course, now available to the public.

~ ~ ~

@JoJoFromJerz   April 8
A 6 year old can carry a gun in public in the state of Missouri. In Texas, an 18 year old can buy two AR-15s and 1,600 bullets in the span of two days. In the state of Florida, you can carry concealed weapons and firearms without a background check, training or a license. But a woman seeking a safe medication abortion cannot buy mifepristone.
~ ~ ~
One in five say they’ve had a family member killed by a gun, including suicide and half have a family member who has experienced a gun-related incident of some kind. Black adults are about twice as likely as White adults to say they have a family member who was killed by a gun.
A third of Black and Hispanic adults say they worry “every day” or “almost every day” about they or a loved one being a victim of gun violence compared to one in 10 of White adults.
Four in 10 adults say they live in a household with a gun. Among this group, three in four say that the gun(s) are stored in ways that don’t reflect common gun-safety practices.
And, as our analysis of CDC data shows, in 2020, firearms became the leading cause of death among children and teens up to age 19.
~ ~ ~
@asosin   Apr 10
Involuntary displacement of people experiencing homelessness will likely lead to a substantial increase in mortality and morbidity. This new study adds to a large body of evidence linking homelessness and housing instability to adverse health outcomes.
~ ~ ~
@ErinInTheMorn   Apr 12
Equality Florida has issued a travel advisory encouraging LGBTQ+ people and allies to avoid nonessential travel to Florida. Policies being considered and passed there along with executive actions lead EQFL to state that they "pose a serious risk to health and safety."
~ ~ ~
@chasestrangio   Apr 13
Missouri just effectively banned care for trans people of all ages starting in two weeks. When I started practicing law 13 yrs ago, categorical bans on care were clearly understood to violate the 8th Amendment's prohibition on Cruel & Unusual Punishment in prisons.
~ ~ ~
@NoLieWithBTC   Apr 12
Wow. Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) is now requiring state board applicants to write 500 words about what they “admire” about her before they can be considered for a job. The same application only requires 250 words for other questions.
~ ~ ~
@mmfa   Apr 10
Arizona sheriff Mark Lamb, who is reportedly expected to announce that he’s running for U.S. Senate, previously appeared on an antisemitic network that warns viewers about purported “seditious Jews,” a “Jew coup,” and “Jewish tyrants.”
~ ~ ~
@tomaskenn   Apr 10
A DeSantis backed bill would establish felonies for having undocumented people in your home or cars, even if related. In Florida, there are 722,000 U.S. citizens who live with an undocumented person. They could face up to 15 years in jail.
~ ~ ~
#Maddow: "Until now, if a woman, God forbid, was raped in the state of Iowa, she came forward to the police to report that she had been raped, the law enforcement process would kick in, and she would be provided a medical examination without cost to her..."  ...and care for her injuries,and care for other potential consequences of her sexual assault,including...emergency contraception to prevent any pregnancy occurring as a result of the rape. Until recently,that was the standard. Well Iowa now has a NEW AG. and under Republican rule in Iowa,the state has decided they will NO LONGER give you emergency contraception in this circumstance because as far as Republicans are concerned in Iowa,it's apparently their PREFERENCE that you be FORCED to bear the RAPIST'S BABY."
~ ~ ~


A Missouri county won't work with the ATF, claiming the federal agency is ‘unconstitutional’

KCUR: Camden County presiding commissioner Ike Skelton cited a local ordinance banning county employees from working with the ATF.

~ ~ ~

see also book bans: Missouri Republicans have voted to defund all public libraries.

and LGBTQ: banned care for Trans.

~ ~ ~

@piper4missouri   April 12
The Rep who zeroed out Missouri library funding ran unopposed. The Rep who wants to put guns in churches ran unopposed. Friends, this is why Missouri looks the way it does. 40% of Missouri House seats went unopposed. 2.5 million Missourians had no Dem on their ballot…

~ ~ ~

@piper4missouri   Apr 12
While we are talking about marrying off 12-year-old children in Missouri, an important reminder, a pregnant woman or girl cannot have a divorced finalized in Missouri.
(referring to Mo Sen Mike Moon saying it's ok for 12 yo girls to be married off...
~ ~ ~
Yesterday, the Missouri state house under Republicans control, de facto voted to close all public libraries in the state. I say "de facto" because while they didn't out and out say "close all the public libraries" they DID vote to remove all funding for public libraries.
Republicans also voted to fully defund diversity programs, state run child care, and all state funded pre-school. They did this as an act of revenge.
Republicans OPENLY said the move was in retaliation for a lawsuit filed by the ACLU. That lawsuit seeks to have declared as unconstitutional recent legislation by Missouri Republicans banning over 300 books from school libraries.
~ ~ ~


@TheBWSTimes   Apr 9
Oklahoma’s only nonbinary state lawmaker, Rep. Mauree Turner (D-OKC), was censured by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on Tuesday and stripped of all their committee assignments...
~ ~ ~


Tennessee Speaker Cameron Sexton has told Reps Pearson and Jones he will not allow them to be seated until 2025 even if their County Commission votes to send them back to Nashville. I have had clients appointed to the Tennessee Senate and House. I know the law. It is up to the…

~ ~ ~

@JuddLegum   Apr 10
UPDATE: Tennessee Speaker @CSexton25 tells @NC5PhilWilliams that he lives with his family in Nashville, not Crossville, a community two hours away that he represents Under TN law, that creates a presumption that he resides in Nashville, and can't legally represent his district
~ ~ ~
@0liviajulianna   Apr 7
Oh my God. Republican leadership in Nashville threatened to strip Memphis of funding if they re-appointed Justin Jones and Justin Pearson to the legislature following their expulsion. This is literally extortion.
~ ~ ~
April 10: Justin Jones has been sworn back in to the Tennessee Legislature after being reappointed by the Metro Nashville Council.
~ ~ ~
@mmpadellan   Apr 13
FUN FACT: Newly readmitted Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson, since they are now considered "new" members, are allowed to submit 15 bills each. Know what they plan to use those 15 bills for? GUN CONTROL.
~ ~ ~
@DrIbram   Apr 10
TN "is seeking 35 separate tracts, either through purchase or eminent domain," that can be used by Ford. The state wants it cheap. “I told them this is the biggest ripoff there is. They want your land, but they don’t want you to participate in the wealth.”
~ ~ ~


@SawyerHackett   Apr 8
Less than 24 hours ago Daniel Perry was convicted by a jury of murder—after he shot a protestor point-blank during a BLM rally blocks away from the state Capitol. Greg Abbott says he is working to pardon Perry one day later.
@ScottHech   Apr 8
“The killer posted on Facebook that he might “kill a few people on my way to work,” got in his car, ran a red light, drove directly into a Black Lives Matter protest, & shot and killed a protester because he felt “threatened.” And Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to pardon him.
~ ~ ~
@JoyceWhiteVance   Apr 12
Just like public pools were closed in the south after desegregation was ordered: Texas county weighs closing local library after federal judge orders banned books returned to circulation

Feel good du jour:

Quite the story of injustice and kindness:

Here's the full story:

~ ~ ~

Pat Blake set up a food pantry for mobile home residents in Utah

~ ~ ~

US hardware store employee builds life-changing contraption to help boy walk

~ ~ ~

Their teachers assign math, grammar — and giving small gifts to strangers. #Kindness

~ ~ ~

An eagle who went viral for his steadfast determination to incubate a rock has taken a real eaglet under his wing.

~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~

“In forty years of medical practice, I have found only two types of non-pharmaceutical ‘therapy’ to be vitally important for patients with chronic neurological diseases: music and gardens.”

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